Tiền ảo: 14,873 Sàn giao dịch: 436 Vốn hóa: $2,445,122,360,275 Khối lượng (24h): $100,395,521,127 Thị phần: BTC: 42.0%, ETH: 19.7%
DeFiChain DEXDeFiChain DEX
Xếp hạng #381 15:50:13 28/11/2021

Khối lượng giao dịch (24h) tại DeFiChain DEX

$2,179,265 -4.57%
Cặp giao dịch 7 cặp Số coin niêm yết 8 Tiền pháp định -
Khối lượng 24 giờ $2,179,265 -4.57% Khối lượng 7 ngày $14,812,231 -30.40% Khối lượng 30 ngày $70,065,779 -34.54%
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Các cặp đang giao dịch Giao ngay tại DeFiChain DEX

#TiềnCặpGiá (USD)Khối lượng (24h)Cập nhật
1 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC BTC/DFI $54,548.33 $1,313,816 13:27:09 26/11/2021
2 Ethereum Ethereum ETH ETH/DFI $4,171.04 $467,217 13:27:09 26/11/2021
3 USD Coin USD Coin USDC USDC/DFI $0.9411 $160,649 13:27:09 26/11/2021
4 Tether Tether USDT USDT/DFI $0.9424 $113,311 13:27:09 26/11/2021
5 Litecoin Litecoin LTC LTC/DFI $204.07 $79,226 13:27:09 26/11/2021
6 Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash BCH BCH/DFI $568.39 $22,673 13:27:09 26/11/2021
7 Dogecoin Dogecoin DOGE DOGE/DFI $0.2051 $16,037 13:27:09 26/11/2021

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Giới thiệu về sàn DeFiChain DEX

DeFiChain DEX is an audited, fully decentralized and non-custodial exchange running on DeFiChain (DeFi Blockchain).

Launched on 30 Nov 2020, DeFiChain DEX currently allows swapping of DFI into BTC, ETH, USDT, and vice versa. More trading pools and pairs to be launched soon

Yields for providing liquidity are presently over 300+ % APY.

On DeFiChain, DeFi transactions (incl yield farming and swaps), are actual native consensus transactions, validated by all nodes and miners. Compared to other projects where transactions are done as machine instructions, moving bits and bytes.
By being a first layer protocol, DeFiChain provides stronger security and reliability for DeFi transactions.
Furthermore, DeFiChain also anchors and leverages on the Bitcoin blockchain for increased security.

As a unique feature of DeFiChain DEX, no fees are required to withdraw farming yields. These rewards are automatically credited to a user’s address every block (average 30+ sec). This allows users of all sizes to participate profitably in yield farming.

DeFiChain and DeFiChain DEX have been audited and passed by SlowMist and KnownSec with no vulnerabilities found.

To participate and earn high yields, download the app here: https://defichain.com/dex/

For help and support join the DeFiChain Telegram channel at: https://t.me/defiblockchain

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