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Xếp hạng #312 10:26:12 08/12/2021

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$17,099.37 -17.23%
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Khối lượng 24 giờ $17,099 -17.23% Khối lượng 7 ngày $119,176 -5.21% Khối lượng 30 ngày $517,503 -83.57%
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1 FreeRiver FreeRiver FREE FREE/WMOVR $1.84 $17,099 10:27:12 08/12/2021

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Giới thiệu về sàn FreeRiver

What Is FreeRiver (FREE)?

FreeRiver is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and Trading Tools platform on the MoonRiver blockchain.

FREE is the native utility token that is used for:

* Access premium trading tools.
* Liquidity Mining and Farming.
* Used for governance votes.

FreeRiver tools include:

* DEX/AMM: https://freeriver.exchange/

* Telegram price bot for all MOVR tokens: @FreeRiver_bot

* Professional TradingView Charts/Order Book for all MOVR tokens: https://charts.freeriver.exchange/

* Portfolio Manager: https://portfolio.freeriver.exchange/

* New tokens bot: https://t.me/FreeRiverTokens

How Many FREE Tokens Are There in Circulation?

FREE launched on August 28 with 500,000 FREE tokens (50% of total supply). The remaining 40% of the supply will be released via our farms and liquidity mining pools, with the last emission occurring 5 years after launch date. 10% of the supply has been earmarked for marketing and partnership efforts.

Where Can I Buy FREE?

FREE is available at our DEX on MoonRiver: https://freeriver.exchange/#/swap

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