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Ethereum: 0x905E337c6c8645263D3521205Aa37bf4d034e745

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Thẻ Health, Marketplace, AI & Big Data, Payments

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06:33:00 04/06/2022
ROI của DOC.COM (MTC) -94.82%
Doc.com has created free basic & affordable healthcare & psychological services for the world through telemedicine. Now offering its services in 20+ countries in LatAm & 32 US states, Doc.com has thousands of users and is putting all epidemiological data on an innovative healthcare blockchain. By providing free basic healthcare for the world not only is Doc.com revolutionizing healthcare access, it’s also one of the most significant blockchain and tech projects ever.

The Doc.com platform is a single globally-sourced healthcare service platform for the public that begins with free human doctor-AI assisted video telemedicine services (Doc.com APP), an associated suite of AI assisted tools for the medical community (Doc for Doctors). Combined, these produce the highest level of free & affordable basic quality healthcare allowing any individual to access the benefits and knowledge of healthcare that technology now permits.

The Doc.com app is built on top of Doc.com’s existing patient data routing and AI assisted technologies soon to be blockchain enabled with the advent of Lifechain. With its simplicity of use it becomes the ultimate resource for anyone who needs orientation in a health-related issue. A one touch system that connects any patient with a doctor through video telemedicine for free, from any country a user is located in. All patient information securely encrypted and hashed to a blockchain which represents a perfect on-ramp to healthcare services on a blockchain. With our free & affordable telemedicine services we can get the masses to benefit from blockchain technology in healthcare.

The Doc.com platform´s Doc for Doctors social network offers patient referrals, tools for doctors’ everyday practice, and real-time reporting of epidemiological data for our clients and researchers. Serving all client sizes and requirements the Doc.com platform combines its Doc.com app and Doc for Doctors practice platform to derive high-end services such as real-time geographic epidemiological data reporting, automated AI-driven treatment and diagnosis suggestions for Doctors in institutions or private practice, massive access to patient populations for preventative campaigns, and Doc.com’s advanced proprietary tools such as its AI-assisted Electronic Health Record and Digital Vademecum.

A universal native Token: The Medical Token Currency, MTC is the fuel that is integrated into the services Doc.com provides. Already in talks with Healthcare institutions, Governments and partners to make MTC the preferred token for their own upcoming and existing medical services, as they migrate to decentralized platforms. We envision MTC will be used in the broader healthcare industry and any other industries for various purposes including payment and remittance.

Also Doc.com is expanding into Genomics and is building a decentralized hospital system that's not only digital but standardizes primary care under the Doc.com vision with mobile clinics. The Lifechain is the spinal cord of the systems and incentivizes use of Doc.com services while providing a level of transparency in use of data that no other healthcare provider in the world has.

The purpose: To provide free basic healthcare for the world with transparency and trust.
The end goal: Doc.com is building a solid, global healthcare utility, an advanced platform the entire patient population and medical community will use to great advantage; where anyone can participate as users and token holders.

Doc.com will become a complete healthcare ecosystem for the worldwide patient/doctor population with digital access.
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