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Xếp hạng #8313 01:17:00 11/08/2022
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Ethereum: 0x36151737b45017234e9570cf9a1cac97138953c2

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Giá NOIZ (NOIZ) hôm nay
Giá NOIZ (NOIZ) $0.01540
Dao động 1 giờ -0.36%
Dao động 24 giờ 3.67%
Dao động 7 ngày 9.96%
Giá Thấp / Cao nhất (24h) $0.01455 / $0.01521
Khối lượng giao dịch 24 giờ -
Vốn hóa -
Xếp hạng #8313
Giá NOIZ (NOIZ) hôm qua
Giá Thấp / Cao nhất hôm qua $0.01455 / $0.01521
Giá Mở / Đóng hôm qua $0.01508 / $0.01508
Dao động giá hôm qua 0.02%
Khối lượng giao dịch hôm qua
Nguồn cung NOIZ (NOIZ)
Tổng NOIZ đang lưu hành
Tổng cung 400,000,000 NOIZ
Tổng cung tối đa
Lịch sử giá NOIZ (NOIZ)
Giá Thấp / Cao 7 ngày $0.01380 / $0.01545
Giá Thấp / Cao 30 ngày $0.009980 / $0.01545
Giá Thấp / Cao 90 ngày $0.009980 / $0.2536
Giá Thấp / Cao 52 tuần $0.006076 / $0.4589
Giá cao nhất lịch sử
15:11:12 27/10/2019
Giá thấp nhất lịch sử
18:07:02 25/11/2020
ROI của NOIZ (NOIZ) -95.12%
NOIZ describes itself as a communication/marketing technology platform that aims to turn engagement into impact. It aims to achieve that goal by using AI-powered marketing campaigns and data monetization to thwart ad fraud and help businesses to personalize customer journeys, with a view towards driving higher engagement and marketing ROI.

Consumers who monetize their data are rewarded with NOIZ tokens, which can reportedly be redeemed for special offers; redeemed tokens are donated to social impact organizations. Using an SDK and API, NOIZ has reportedly integrated its AI-powered marketing campaigns with WordPress, email service providers, blockchain protocols, ad networks, chatbot services, payment gateways, and messenger apps.

Built by a 10-person team—including 1 serial entrepreneur, 1 DSP architect, and 2 lead developers with past experience at AxePay, the Canadian Space Agency, NEM and The Boeing Company—NOIZ aims to bring scalability to the blockchain space through online marketing and consumer data
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